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Zambia Day at UniCafe on 8 April


Do you want to make the world a better place by eating? On Zambia Day 8 April, HYY and UniCafe will serve a Zambia meal in UniCafe restaurants. By choosing the meal or donating an amount of your choice you can support women and girls in Eastern Zambia.


HYY’s development cooperation project in Zambia in 2014–2016 focuses on improving girls' and women's reproductive health and quality of life in Eastern Zambia. The main objectives are to prevent teenage pregnancies and early marriages, as well as to support pregnant young girls. The project is an extension to HYY's project during the period 2011–2013, and the local women's organization Eastern Province Women’s Development Association, EPWDA, will continue as a project partner in Zambia.


Teenage pregnancies and early marriages are common in the project area in Eastern Zambia. The project aims at preventing teenage pregnancies and early marriages with the help of inclusive sexual education drama aimed at young people at school. In Zambia, it is very common that girls leave the school after becoming pregnant. With the help of discussion groups aimed at school drop-outs, the project aims at getting young people back to school. The leaders in rural villages are educated about the illegality and harmful effects of early marriages, as well as the importance of girls' education. The project aims at reducing the number of school drop-outs and at the same time supporting the policy program of the Zambian government, which allows young mothers to return to school.
The project also supports young mothers and pregnant women in rural areas. The project complements the actions of the Zambian government through the establishment of Safe Motherhood Action groups in places where they do not yet exist. The groups help to motivate young mothers to continue their schooling and pregnant women are informed about their rights and the importance of health services.


HYY and Unicafe have organized development co-operation meals for more than 30 years. On Zambia Day you can enjoy a Zambia meal from which UniCafe donates 10 cents to support women’s reproductive health project in Zambia. The Zambia meal will be a nutty vegetable couscous or Zambian meat stew. You can also donate an amount of your choice to the project at any UniCafe restaurant.


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