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Your representative in health promotion


One of the central tasks of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) is health promotion. Locally this health promotion work is organized through working groups, which include both representatives of the staff of the FSHS, students, university staff and other stakeholders.

The task of the working groups is e.g. to identify phenomena in the study environment or student life that influence students’ health and to develop the cooperation between FSHS, the university and the students in this field. Earlier, health working groups have participated in projects aiming at decreasing sitting, they have examined risk situations in studies or traineeships and have given recommendations about how to organize alcohol-free events to name a few.

The health promotion of the students of the University of Helsinki is organized by two working groups, one for the faculties of the City Centre Campus and one for the faculties operating at Kumpula, Meilahti and Viikki Campuses. In June HYY appointed new student representatives to these working groups for the term September 1 2015 until August 31 2017. The new representatives gladly welcome your thoughts and ideas about your study environment!

Health working group 1 - City Centre Campus Member Deputy member
Faculty of Arts Armi Ruoho ( Laura Pauha (
Faculty of Behavioural Sciences Reespu Purovaara ( Katja Elo (
Faculty of Law Eino Rautanen Judit Lainio (
Faculty of Theology Anne Pauna ( Maria Djakonowksy
Faculty of Social Sciences Julia Kilpelä (

Iris Pykäläinen (

Health working group 2 - all other campuses Member Deputy member
Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences Erika Zidbeck ( Jessika Stolze (
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Henna Kaarakainen Crista Hämäläinen (
Faculty of Pharmacy Maija Raatikainen Martta Aalto (
Faculty of Medicine Arttu Ruuskanen ( Kristiina Silventoinen (
Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry Tianran Zhou ( Irene Blomqvist (
Faculty of Science Tiia Sorsa ( Kaisa Juntunen

In addition to and on a broader level than the health working groups also appointed persons at the HYY Central Office work with issues related to students’ health. Pilvi Nummelin, Vice Chair and member of the HYY Board in charge of health affairs, is in particular responsible for HYY’s political policies concerning the FSHS.  Sofia Lindqvist, specialist in health affairs, represents HYY in FSHS’s decision making bodies. In addition, you can contact Lindqvist if you run into problems with the services of FSHS and they are not solved even though you have contacted FSHS about them.

Read more about HYY’s health policies in HYY’s compact FSHS-Health Policy Paper.