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Is your mind troubling you?


The autumn studies and student life are in full swing. However, it is not always easy to balance your life and studies. You should seek help on time to promote your own well-being and get help for study problems.
You can discuss your studies with your own HOPS instructor or a study counsellor. The university also has study psychologists who can help you with matters related to study motivation and study skills. Read more about what the study psychologists do and how to contact them here.
Please do not hesitate to seek help if you are concerned about your mental well-being. Almost one-tenth of university students in the Helsinki region use the mental health services of FSHS, which are free of charge. Read more about the mental health services of FSHS and related links here.
In addition to health care appointments, FSHS organises various therapeutic groups, such as a sleep group starting in October and a life skills course. Unfortunately both courses are in Finnish. Please let the FSHS know if you would be interested in a group or a course in English by using the online feedback form.
There are also plenty of self-care programmes that can be utilised. is a free well-being programme in Finnish developed by the University of Jyväskylä, which helps you to be present in the moment, relax and understand yourself. offers free online programmes in Finnish for those entitled to FSHS services on tension release, the direction in life, restful sleep, stress and relaxation.
Sickness allowance as a form of subsistence
It is not advisable to spend your student financial aid months while you are ill. Please see a doctor if you have to put your studies on hold due to an illness. You may need a medical certificate later on for the monitoring of your study progress. If your illness becomes prolonged, you can apply for sickness allowance. To receive sickness allowance, a doctor must diagnose a complete inability to work. That’s why you should not evaluate yourself as capable for part-time studies while applying for sickness allowance, but instead always apply based on complete inability to work. You are allowed, however, to study only up to 40 % of the indicative credit objective while on sickness allowance. When you are able to study full-time again, you must submit a notification of changes to Kela. Read more about sickness allowance on the Kela website.