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This year's project funds of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki to Africa


The Committee for Development Cooperation of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) has decided the recipients for the project funds of the year 2013. This year, HYY supports two projects focused on waste management in Zambia and Tanzania. The project beneficiaries are a Zambian Network for Environmental Concerns and Solutions (NECOS) and Tanzania Association of Environmental Engineers (TAEEs) from Tanzania.

The project in Zambia aims to promote the planting of trees and yard farming, as well as sorting and re-use of sanitation waste in urban areas. The project builds a greenhouse for Madimba community, where dry toilet waste is used as fertilizer. The Tanzania project produces four documentary films to support a waste campaign. The documentaries are intended for teaching and school use and their purpose is to tell about the negative effects of waste on tourism, organisms, people and the rest of the environment.

HYY annually spends 0.7 per cent of the operating funds budget for development cooperation. Some of the funds are used to cover the self-financing of HYY's Indonesia project and the rest are allocated as project funds. In the application round of the year 2013, the project funds were allocated for projects related to environmental issues that are of a one-time nature and last for up to one year. 22 applications were received and they were discussed in the meetings of the project fund group during April.

For further information on the project funds and the project fund beneficiaries, please contact Project Fund Coordinator Meeri Väänänen at