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Vote count audit of HYY's Representative Council elections did not change the distribution of seats


The results of the Representative Council Elections of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) on 6–7 November were confirmed after vote count audit in the meeting of the Central Board of Elections yesterday, Thursday, 15 November. Changes that were clarified in vote count audit were minor and did not affect the power relations between the groups.

HYAL of subject organisations is clearly the largest group in the Representative Council with its 22 representatives. HELP (the groups of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, law students and international students) and Osakunnan (Student nations) losed one position each and thus both have 9.

The Independent Left still continues as the biggest political group in the Representative Council. They now have 7 seats. The Greens also won one seat and now have 6.  Keskeiset lost one seat, Kokoomusopiskelijat and Social Democratic Students both maintained their seats.
The final election results and the listing of the Representative Council members can be read at HYY's election website: The complete listing of votes can be read at the result website at

HYY's Representative Council of 60 members decides on the use of the Student Union’s property and its significant operational policies. The term of the new Representative Council will begin on 1 December 2012 and last for two years.

The distribution of seats confirmed in the vote count audit of the Representative Council Elections (difference to the elections of 2011):
HYAL 22 (+1)
Osakuntien suuri vaalirengas: 9 (-1)
Maailmanpyörä / Independent Left: 7 (+1)
Maailmanpyörä / HYY:n Vihreät: 6 (+1)
HELP: 9 (-1)
Oikea suunta/ Kokoomusopiskelijat (-)
Oikea suunta / Keskeiset: 1 (-1)
Oikea suunta/ Salo, Tuomas : 0
Socialdemocratic students:1 (-)
Svenska Nationer och Ämnesföreningar  SNÄf: 2 (-)
Liberaalinen vaaliliitto: 0
Piraatit: 0
Perussuomalainen vaaliliitto (The Finns Party): 0