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University Students' Torch Parade on 6th Dec 2014


The student unions of the capital region HYY, AYY, TaiYO and SHS organise the traditional Independence Day torch parade of university students on Saturday 6th December.

The organising of the parade and the distribution of torches will begin at 4pm between the Väinämöinen  field and the Hietaniemi Cemetery gates. The torch parade leaves at 5pm towards the Senate Square and proceeds through the city centre and by the Presidential Palace where President of the Republic greets the parade. At the Senate Square public festivities begin at 5:55pm. The programme includes choir singing and speeches by Mayor Jussi Pajunen and the representatives of the student unions. The event ends approximately at 6:15pm. Please wear warm clothing and your student cap!

We kindly ask the organisations operating within HYY to inform us if your flag will participate in the laying of the garland at the War Memorial (organising at 3:30pm) and the parade. Please sign up by Wednesday 3rd December to For further information, please contact Specialist-Producer Hanna-Maaria Hynynen, tel. 050 537 2831.

Further information and instructions: (the page will be updated during November)