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Time to check your income limits for the study allowances in 2016!


During may you can check your preliminary annual income that affects student financial aid and pay back overpaid aid. Use the KELA calculators to make sure that your annual income does not exceed a specified limit. Your annual income limit is determined on the basis of the number of months for which you have drawn financial aid during a calendar year. You can avoid paying back with an interest rate of 7,5 % by volutarily returning some of the financial aid paid to you.

Do not throw away your wage slips from 2016 in case you started or finished your studies that year. KELA receives information on your total yearly income and you may need to prove the period when you have earned your income.

If you pay back or cancel study allowances for 2017 in adwance: please note that it’s profitable to cancel them for the autumn, when allowances for studies and living will be separated. Then you need only to pay back the monthly study grant, not your housing assistance.

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