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Thesis writer – download the articles you need during January!


The FinELib consortium of Finnish higher education institutions, research institutes and public libraries has been negotiating with two academic publishers on contracts that would enable university researchers and students to have access to academic publications. The negotiations with the publisher Taylor & Francis ended unsuccessfully on 28 January 2019. The failed negotiations mean that access to the electronic journals of Taylor & Francis at the University of Helsinki will end on 1 February 2019. The negotiations between FinELib and Wiley are still ongoing.

If you use the e-journals of Taylor & Francis or Wiley in your thesis, we recommend that you download and save the material you need without delay. Access to the materials will remain open until the end of January.

Even though access to most new issues of the aforementioned publishers’ journals will end as the negotiations break down, the Helsinki University Library has agreements with some of the journals that guarantee access to their pre-2019 volumes. The available older volumes vary between journals and organisations. In addition to this, the Library has compiled and will continue to update an Alternative Access page (only in Finnish for the present) on its website for researchers and students. The page contains instructions on how to act when you do not have access to the material you need. The Library does its best to provide alternative ways to get access to articles.

In problem situations, you can contact the Helsinki University Library at

Further information on the negotiations can be found on the FinELib consortium's website.