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Supporters of Tomorrow without fear campaign: The current law is insufficient because organised racism cannot be intervened against


The supporters of Tomorrow without fear – Organised racism into the criminal law campaign demand Finnish members of parliament to act upon banning organised racism and outlawing participating in it. The signatory organisations encourage all Finns to sign the campaign’s petition in order to outlaw organised racism.

 “We want a tomorrow without fear. We want a tomorrow where fear and bigotism do not control attitudes in our society. A tomorrow where organised racist mobs can be unequivocally refused and government officials can intervene in their activities. We must not give up an inch to racism”, demand the chairpersons of the organisations that support the campaign.

 European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) has criticised Finland, where racial discrimination charges have led to very few convictions and cases get taken to the court too rarely. The campaign has also received support from legal experts, who have pointed out that the current law is unclear and should be fixed to be in accordance with the international duties of Finland.

 “When the current law is too ambiguous and does not work in practice, it is our duty as political actors to demand for the law to be clarified. Finland ratified the agreement against racial discrimination already 46 years ago. Now is the time to finally make the duties set out by the agreement a part of the Finnish law”, the chair persons of the supporter organisations continue.

 Tomorrow without fear – organised racism into the criminal law is a non-partisan civil campaign. The aim of the campaign is to outlaw organised racism by a legal initiative signed by a minimum of 100 members of parliament. The campaign is now collecting signatures to a petition that can be signed on the campaign website and will be handed over to members of parliament in October. Already now over 5000 people have signed the petition.

Sign the petition:

More information: 

Susanna Jokimies
Chair of the Board
p. 050 543 9610

Campaign founders: 
Jaakko Mustakallio, p. 045 652 0589
Saara Ilvessalo, p. 040 050 4089