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Support the university – ask your friend to give feedback


Are funding cuts restricting the already limited amount of classes being held in your field? Are you forced to wait for textbooks due to limited supply? Are you irritated about the closing of night time study facilities at the university? Now YOU CAN HELP fix the problem!

The national query for recently graduated Bachelor’s is open until the 17th of October. Answering the query is important because every response brings a substantial amount of money to the university. The amount of money equivalent to the savings from closing the night time study facilities could have been reached had about 40 more people answered the previous round of questions.

A link to the query has been sent to students who have received their Bachelor’s diplomas during the fall of 2013. The University will raffle several iPads and hoodies among the respondents - but the best results can be achieved by using the grapevine. Do your part for the university’s benefit: ask your friend to respond to the bachelor’s query!