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On summer holidays and no money?


N.B.: The information below only applies to students that are entitled to Finnish social services.

If you study during the summer, you may also apply for the student financial aid for the summer months.
If you’re not entitled to the student financial aid, you may apply for social assistance.
A student is not entitled to the labour market subsidy or the earnings-related unemployment allowance. 

Social assistance

If the student applies for social assistance during the summer, it is first clarified whether there are suitable studies for the student during the summer months. In that case, student financial aid (study grant, housing allowance and student loan) is the primary means of funding one's studies. If there are no suitable studies available, working is the primary means of securing one's subsistence. In this case, the granting of social assistance requires active search for work. If the customer does not show willingness to find work or if the customer refuses an offered job, the amount of the basic social assistance may be reduced.

The student's financial situation is checked retrospectively and mainly from the past two months unless the student has received an exceptionally large amount of income at one time. All property is also regarded as income although the evaluation is made case-specifically. When the need of social assistance is temporary, it is not necessary to sell one's property. The student loan is regarded as income during the financial aid months even if the student does not take the loan.

When applying for social assistance, a spouse's income affects the decision. Two people of the opposite sexes who live together are considered a couple. However, the living situation may be clarified. Two people of the same sex living together are not usually considered a couple.

Social assistance until the first payday or to supplement income

The student may apply for social assistance to supplement one's low income or to cover subsistence until the payday or the payment of the student financial aid.

A student's last month of student financial aid is May. The student works from the beginning of June and thus receives the first salary at the end of June. The student may receive social assistance to cover the expenses in June. 

More information from the social services office of your residential area.