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Students eager to vote during the first three election days of HYY’s Representative Council elections


The first election days of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki’s (HYY) Representative Council elections have been electric. Around 3,600 students voted during the first three election days. Voter turnout is currently at 13.6% – a figure that is higher than the turnout in last elections’ advance voting. All members of HYY who have registered for attendance at the University of Helsinki are eligible to vote. This amounts to a total of around 26,600 students of the University of Helsinki.

The Representative Council elections of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) are held during 26–28 October 2016 and 31 October–2 November 2016 to elect the highest decision-making body of the Student Union, the 60-member Representative Council. The new council begins its term on 1 December 2016 and the term lasts for two years.

HYY’s previous elections were organised as ballot elections in 2014, with two days of advance voting and two actual election days. A total of 2,671 people voted in advance in the elections, and the voter turnout for advance voting was 9.5%. HYY’s first electronic elections do not feature advance voting at all; instead, you can vote on six election days between 10 am and 6 pm.

HYY’s Representative Council elections feature 597 students running as candidates. The number of candidates is slightly lower than in 2014 when 626 candidates ran for the council. 10 different groups nominated candidates, with some of these groups planning to function as several groups in the Representative Council. To see the exact candidate numbers for all electoral coalitions and alliances, please see the Student Union’s election website at

On election days, campaigning can be seen near the campuses throughout the city. The elections culminate in the election night party at the Teatteri Forum restaurant on Wednesday night, 2 November. Everyone is welcome to attend the election night party.

During the 2000s, voter turnout has consistently been on a higher level in HYY’s Representative Council elections than nationally.

HYY’s Representational Council elections (voter turnout)
2001: 28.9%
2003: 31.6%
2005: 34.9%
2007: 33.2%
2009: 35.2%
2011: 34.2%
2012: 32.3%
2014: 31.7%*

National voter turnout in representational council elections
2001: 27.5%
2003: 29.7%
2005: 26.1%
2007: 27.6%
2009: 28.4%
2011: 29.6%
2013: 25.0%
2015: 29.4%*
* = in 2012, HYY moved into a different electoral rhythm than other student unions, holding elections on even years
HYY will report on the results of its Representative Council elections immediately after the election result is available on Wednesday night, 2 November.

Representative council elections are held in nearly all Finnish student unions every other autumn. The elections are, however, held at a different rhythm in HYY than in other student unions – besides HYY, only the Student Union of Hanken School of Economics organises their elections this year. HYY’s elections are held on even years, whereas other student unions’ representative council elections are organised on uneven years.
For further information on HYY’s elections, please contact Secretary General Jannica Aalto,, 0400 816 426, or Communications Officer Siiri Salo,, 050 543 9609.