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Students' Design Capital Year to Begin


Students' world design capital year project World Student Capital 2012 will be launched on 23 March in the opening ceremony held in Korjaamo Culture Factory.

The opening party of World Student Capital year will be celebrated at 3pm on 23 March at Culture Factory Korjaamo. The year will be opened by the Mayor of Helsinki Jussi Pajunen. The programme includes a panel discussion ”Student as a city resident” and a solution workshop demo on the topic ”From warehouse to flats – converting buildings for residential use”. The chair of the panel, Project Manager Mikko Toivonen (Helsinki Education and Research Area) will open the idea contest New Forms of Student Housing. Regina, Zebra and Snake as well as dj Erkko will perform in the club in the evening.

Approximately 90,000 higher education students in the metropolitan area form a significant resource for the region. World Student Capital's objective is to make the Helsinki metropolitan area the world's best student metropolis with interdisciplinary cooperation with students, cities and specialists in the region. World Student Capital themes focus on housing, cycling, lively campuses and social entrepreneurship.

”In our project, students are transformed from the objects of activities into active partners of cities. Many important topics for students, such as public transport, pedestrian lanes, affordable housing and environmentally friendly options are essential to the entire future of the city. When students are involved in planning, we can create a more pleasant city for others at the same time”, says Project Coordinator Aura Kostiainen.

World Student Capital 2012 is the joint project of higher education institutions in the metropolitan area, the University of Helsinki and Student City project of the municipalities in the metropolitan area. World Student Capital is a part of the World Design Capital Year of the University of Helsinki.

Further information:
Project Coordinator Aura Kostiainen
050 595 0329