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Student representatives in the health workgroups improve everyone's study environments!


One of the central tasks of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) is health promotion. Locally this health promotion work is organized through working groups, which include both representatives of the staff of the FSHS, students, university staff and other stakeholders.

The tasks of the health workgroups include identifying the phenomena in the study environment and study life that currently affect student health and developing cooperation opportunities between FSHS, the university and the students. Previously, the health workgroups have been involved in projects whose purpose was to reduce loneliness and sitting, to identify risk situations in studies or internships, and to support associations in the organization of alcohol-free events.

The health promotion of the students of the University of Helsinki is organized by two working groups, one for the faculties of the City Centre Campus and one for the faculties operating at Kumpula, Meilahti and Viikki Campuses. New student representatives for these working groups were appointed in May-June and they work during the period 1.9.2017-31.8.2019. The student representatives are happy to receive your thoughts or ideas about your own study environment!

Health workgroup 1 –
City Centre Campus








Deputy member


Faculty of Arts

Juho Kajava

Kaisa-Leena Rahikka

Faculty of Educational Sciences

Minna Inkinen

Lovisa Hirvonen

Faculty of Law

Rita Härmälä

Venus Mahmood


Faculty of Theology

Petra Harju

Emmi Virtanen


Faculty of Social Sciences

Laura Wathén

Emilia Knaapi






Health workgroup 2 – Meilahti, Kumpula, Viikki Campuses










Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Ansku Holstila

Minna Silvennoinen

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Iina Leppänen

Maija Tiainen

Faculty of Pharmacy

Metti Sarmalinna

Nerdjusa Beciroski


Faculty of Medicine

Eeva Leivo

Ville Liu 

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

Tiia Kuronen

Jenni Jääskeläinen

Faculty of Science

Anne Huhtasalo

Jessika Isomeri

In addition to the health workgroups and on a broader level, a member of the board and a specialist at HYY’s central office is working with student health. Mikko Kymäläinen, the board member in charge of health affairs, is responsible for HYY policy. The specialist with responsibility for health, Sofia Lindqvist, is in charge of HYY’s representation in the decision-making bodies of FSHS and for making HYY’s policies come true in this context. You can also contact Lindqvist if you have experienced such issues associated with FSHS services, which could not be solved by direct contact with them.