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Student representatives to faculty councils and the University Collegium selected!


HYY has appointed new student representatives to the faculty councils of all faculties and the University Collegium for the next two years this autumn. The new representatives start in their positions on 1 January 2018. The names of all new student representatives have been published on HYY’s website – check who are representing the students of your faculty!

What do student representatives do?
Student representatives are members of various decision-making bodies at the University, such as the faculty councils and the University Collegium. They ensure that students’ interests are not trampled upon when making decisions that concern studies and student life. They voice students’ opinions in meetings, advance and defend issues that are important to students and develop the University to look increasingly like its students. More information about student representatives’ activities can be found here. By contacting the student representatives of your faculty about flaws related to your studies or ideas to develop the University, you can get your voice heard in the University’s decision-making processes.

What faculty council?
The faculty councils are administrative bodies consisting of the faculty’s professors, other staff members and students, chaired by the dean. The faculty councils are responsible for developing teaching and research at the faculty, controlling quality management of research and teaching, deciding on issues such as degree requirements, the curricula, student selection criteria and the guidelines for financial and personnel matters as well as processing far-reaching plans and other important matters of principle at the faculty. Staff members of the faculty councils have been selected, and the results for each faculty have been published in the University’s intranet, Flamma (requires logging in).

What Collegium?
The University Collegium is an administrative body processing matters that are significant for the entire University. It has representatives of professors, other staff members and students from all eleven faculties of the University. Starting next year, students of the Swedish School of Social Science will also be represented. The tasks of the University Collegium include appointing members from outside the University community to the University Board, the highest decision-making body of the University, appointing the Chancellor of the University and university auditors as well as confirming the university's financial statements and annual report. The staff members for the University Collegium are selected early next year.

Why does HYY select the student representatives?
The selection of student representatives to the administrative bodies of the University is a statutory task. The Student Union strives to organise the selections of student representatives in an open and transparent manner and hopes to get as diverse a group of students as applicants as possible. This autumn, student representatives have been selected for the first time with a new application procedure instead of elections. All students registered for attendance for this academic year had the opportunity to apply for the positions of student representatives, and selection committees formed from among the students of each faculty processed the applications. The student representatives to the University Collegium are selected by HYY’s Representative Council, whereas HYY’s Board makes the selection decisions for faculty councils and other administrative bodies.

For further information on matters related to student representation, please contact HYY’s Specialist in Educational Policy Jenna Sorjonen, jenna.sorjonen(at), 050 325 5202.