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Statement made by Helsingin Akateemiset Perussuomalaiset to be processed by HYY


The statement titled ‘Suomen yliopistojen kuuluukin tuntua suomalaisilta’ (‘Finnish universities should feel Finnish’) made by Helsingin Akateemiset Perussuomalaiset (HAPSU; ‘Helsinki academic Finns Party’) is not in compliance with the values of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. HYY’s values include equality, which the Student Union strives to promote and develop in all its activities.

Organisations that belong in political parties cannot receive HYY’s grants, which means that HAPSU does not receive financial support from the Student Union.

The Student Union has decided to process the case because HYY suspects that HAPSU has violated HYY’s Equality Plan and thus also the rules for organisations operating under HYY. In addition to this, HYY’s Policy Paper states that organisations are required to comply with HYY’s Equality Plan.

HYY’s Financial Committee processes matters related to organisations operating under HYY, including cases related to removing organisations from under HYY. HAPSU’s statement and activities will be processed by the Financial Committee.

Further information:

Laura Wathén
Chair of HYY’s Board
050 4091383

Aaro Riitakorpi
Secretary General
040 0816 426