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Special arrangements on VR trains for students without a student card



During September 2013, new university students and the new students of Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, who have ordered their student card through the student service Frank (at, but have not yet received it, will temporarily be given access to VR student discount by showing the official certificate of attendance and a valid ID card. Please remember to bring along your certificate of attendance and your ID card also when boarding a train in case of ticket inspection.

The ordering system for the brand new Frank student cards was changed during the summer and the new system was taken into use just this autumn. The launch of any new system tends to have its bumps and minor bugs, but after a couple of initial problems and issues that caused the delay, we can now say that the process of printing new student cards is up and running. The printing machines are running at full capacity, meaning that the new student cards are on their way.

The problem only applies to new students, which means that students with the previous student card only need to get a new academic year sticker as usual. All new students are free to use the new Frank student card on VR trains from the moment they receive it.

Commercial Director Lassi Rönkkönen, lassi.ronkkonen(at), 040 862 1083, VR

Secretary General Juha Töyrylä, juha.toyryla(at), 041 515 2229, National Union of University Students in Finland SYL

Secretary General Jani Hyppänen, jani.hyppanen(at), 050 389 1010, Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences – SAMOK