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Solutions of the students' design capital year in the same covers!


World Student Capital 2012 has promoted the creation of student-centered solutions in order to develop the metropolitan area and improve the students' everyday life. The project has, among other things, visualised how student's financial aid is consumed, resolved the reduction of hot water consumption in swimming halls, introduced the cycling section to the students' electronic portal and found new solutions for student housing through a contest.

Now these solutions are in the same covers in the online publication World Student Capital solutions. The publication is available at


World Student Capital 2012 is the joint design capital project of the University of Helsinki and the student unions and cities in the metropolitan area, made for students by students.

Further information on the project:

World Student Capital Project Coordinator Aura Kostiainen
050 595 0329

Chair of Steering Committee Matti Lehto
050 325 8041