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Sohvalle Stadiin – for new students with housing problems in Helsinki


Are you a new student arriving in Helsinki? Problems with finding a flat for the beginning of your studies? Don't loose your hope, you are not alone.

We would like to give you a hand. We have gathered a group of Helsinki dwellers, who wish to welcome you to the city and offer a short, temporary place to stay while you start your life here in Helsinki (from one week to one month). We wish to build a city in which different people (be it different age, size, appearance, social status, religion...) coexist close to one another and don't live in separate areas and blocks. We want to deminish loneliness and deal with problems that have to do with housing – be it too expencive or non-existant.

In case you have problems with housing in the beginning of your studies (between September 15th and October 30th), fill in this form. We will find you a host for that time. In addition to this, all participants will be invited to a party later on in the autumn. All this is completely free of charge.

Welcome to Helsinki!


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Kallio Evangelical Lutheran Parish
University Chaplains, Parish Union of Helsinki
The Student Union of the University of Helsinki

Contact and questions:

- Marjaana Toiviainen, Parish Priest in Kallio Evangelical Lutheran Parish
- Laura Mäntylä, University Chaplain, Parish Union of Helsinki
E-mail us: or call 050-5332411 (Marjaana Toiviainen)