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Signing up to become a campus farmer begins!


Are you interested in growing your own food but lack the place to do so? Do you need practical tips and advice on farming? Do you want to try farming but fear that your plants will wither during your two-week summer trip? If you answered ‘yes’ to even one question, you should join campus farming!

Campus farming is available for the students, postgraduate students and personnel of the University of Helsinki at the City Centre campus, at Viikki and, for the first time this year, at Kumpula. At Viikki, 38 planter boxes are available on the green area next to Biocenter 3. At the City Centre campus, the inner courtyard of Snellmania (at Unioninkatu 37) has 40 planter bags, while the inner courtyard of Topelia (at Unioninkatu 38) has 10. In Kumpula, a patch of 20 planter bags will be established into the inner courtyard of Chemicum. One person or group may reserve one or half a planter bag or box for their use for the summer.

More information on campus farming and on the Campus Farming Committee, which organises the activities, is available at their blog ( Current news on their activities and events can be found at the Facebook group for campus farming ( – joining the group is highly recommended!

Yes, I want to become a farmer!

Signing up to become a farmer can be done via e-form on 21–27 March 2016. The form is opened at 9 am on Monday and closed at 11.59 pm on Sunday. The places are filled in the order of sign-ups, and only a limited number of places are available – try to be quick when signing up!

Link to the e-form:

Read this before signing up

A total of 108 farming spots are available for campus farming. The size of the spots is at least 80 x 80 x 80 cm. One person or group may reserve either half a spot or a whole one.

The farming spots at the City Centre are located in inner courtyards that are locked during evenings and weekends. Entering the inner courtyard of Snellmania is possible with Alexandria’s night key, and acquiring one is recommended. We recommend the inner court of Topelia for those that already have a pass (personnel). However, if needed, the committee can acquire passes to Topelia.

A whole farming spot for one summer costs 10 €, while half a spot is 5 €. For this fee, the farmer will receive the spot, soil, plant seeds, fertiliser, the possibility to borrow tools, current information on farming and the possibility to attend campus farming events.

The Campus Farming Committee will organise a course on box farming in April, and the farming season is opened in May/June with an opening event where farmers are primed on the practical sides of farming and campuses. During May, we will organise one or two communal work days on each campus to put the farming areas into shape. Participation is therefore desirable as everyone’s help is needed to get everything ready!

Campus farming is organised by HYY’s Campus Farming Committee. The committee members are volunteers, which means that we hope that each farmer will look after their spots from the opening event until the end of the season. However, we do encourage communal spirit! Even though everyone has their own spot, helping others is the nice thing to do. Participating in communal work and repairs is desirable, too.

When signing up to become a campus farmer, please take care to read the e-form thoroughly and answer the questions as accurately as possible. If you encounter any problems in the sign-up process, please contact the Campus Farming Committee (contact information available in the blog).