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Significant changes in University practices from the beginning of 2014!


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Night time facilities at Aleksandria reduced

The night time use of Learning centre Aleksandria has been a popular topic of discussions (among students) after last summer’s trial of reduced night time opening hours. Currently, it is possible to use part of Aleksandria's facilities with a personal magnetic key at night and on the weekends outside the opening hours. The Board of the Centre for Facilities and Properties of the University of Helsinki has decided that in the future Aleksandria won’t be open to such a wide extent, but that between 01AM and 07AM a smaller space near Aleksandria will be in use. However, the schedule for the change in facilities has not been confirmed yet.

HYY has throughout the autumn discussed the subject with the management of the Centre for Facilities and Properties and influenced with the help of the student member in the Board of the organ. The student union has emphasized the importance of some sort of night time facilities because of different life situations. HYY has demanded for clear and up-to-date information communicated to the students about the subject. The student union wants to ensure that students have the opportunity to study flexibly, efficiently and safely in all situations of life and study phases.

Free student printing reduced

There will be changes in the printing at the University in accordance with the renewal of the printing equipment. In the future, students will not have a separate printing quota for each academic year, but the printing quota would apply to the entire study time after which students have a chance to print and copy for a charge. The final quotas, charge of printing or schedule for the change haven’t been confirmed yet. The charge of printing and copying in the future is estimated to go somewhat according to current charges of copying. This means it’s estimated to cost about 8,70 euros for 100 prints.

According with the prior plans of the University's IT Center, the so-called printing quota would be reduced to one quarter of the present. For a student who studies for five years, the amount of free printing would be reduced to about five percent of the current situation. However, the IT Center is unable to give binding answers about the number of pages in the new quota or the time frame of the transition to the new quota.

The student union has already earlier during the autumn taken a stand on the issue: Printing quotas must not be reduced without improving electronic options. In its cooperation with the University HYY has emphasized that the good objectives of reducing the usage of paper will be overshadowed by the negative impacts of the reform if the measures taken to reduce the need of printing, such as enabling electronic submittal of tasks all over the University, are not done immediately.

According to current knowledge, the printing and publishing company Unigrafia will buy back the current copying cards only if they are completely unused and have a full balance. Partly used cards will not be redeemed. However, it is planned that some appliances working with the old copy cards will be left in University libraries at different campuses and thus it should be possible to use the old copy cards also in the future.

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