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All members of HYY can participate in the student union activities in committees and influence the students' affairs. Committee activities may include just about anything, ranging from the organising of cultural events to education policy debates. Most of the committees meet every couple of weeks.

Sign up for the committees through this form no later than 31 Jan 2014. Please let us know if you are interested in a certain position or are unable to attend the organising meeting. If you do not have time to register by the end of January, you can just come to the organising meeting or get in touch with the board member in charge of the committee. You can also join committees throughout the year. Meetings are open to all members of HYY.

The dates of the organising meetings are listed below in connection with the presentation text of each committee. All organising meetings are held in the meeting room Sparre at HYY's Central Office  (Mannerheimintie 5 A, 2nd floor). You can reach the board member in charge of the committee at firstname.surname (at)


ESN Committee

Organising meeting, 5 Feb 2014, 7pm
ESN Committee familiarises international students with the Finnish student life. The committee is part of the European Erasmus Student Network.

Board member in charge: Toivo Laitinen

Committee for Organisational Affairs

Organising meeting, 10 Feb 2014, 5pm

Are you interested in HYY's extensive organisation field? Do you have an idea that would make it even better? The committee organises training sessions, judges organisation contests and allocates reservations for Alina Hall. In 2014, the committee particularly focuses on the development of HYY's organisation training. In addition to the organising meeting, the committee has a start-up night on Thursday, 20 Feb.

Board member in charge: Mari Kyllönen

Committee for Bilingual Affairs

Organising meeting, 13 Feb 2014, 6pm

How is lively bilingualism present in the academic community? How can we achieve it? In the committee, we discuss the importance of bilingualism and bring out problems in the Swedish education.

Board member in charge: Mats Ittonen

Committee for Development Cooperation

Organising meeting, 4 Feb 2014, 6pm

In the Committee for Development Cooperation, you get practical experience of development cooperation! The committee manages HYY's development cooperation projects and decides on the allocation of HYY's project funds. In addition, the committee organises excursions and the Development Cooperation Week in the autumn. In the committee, you can discuss development cooperation in general and spread information on why development cooperation is important.

Board member in charge: Mats Ittonen

Committee for Academic Affairs

Organising meeting, 3 Feb 2014, 6pm

Come along to discuss education policy and influence all kinds of student affairs. The committee covers topics ranging from the student's everyday life to national higher education systems and from study counselling to student admission reform.

Board members in charge: Esa Tiusanen and Johanna Riitakorpi

Committee for Cultural Affairs

Organising meeting, 12 Feb 2014, 6pm

The Committee for Cultural Affairs creates and implements various events and other cultural affairs as part of HYY's activities. In the committee, you get to organise spectacles, such as the capping of the Manta statue. You have an opportunity to brainstorm new ideas, create a new kind of student culture and make the student union events more interesting and student-oriented. If the student culture is your thing, the Committee for Cultural Affairs is for you.

Board member in charge: Aarni Suvitie

Committee for Fenno-Ugric Cooperation

Organising meeting, 7 Feb, 5 pm.

The Committee for Fenno-Ugric Cooperation supports the aspirations of our language relatives to foster their own language and culture. The committee organises events and directs kindred nation funds for various projects, such as book and music projects.

Board member in charge: Teemu Palkki

Committee for Tutor Affairs

Organising meeting, 5 Feb 2014, 5pm

In the Committee for Tutor Affairs, you can implement HYY's tutor training and influence tutoring activities in general. This year, the big question in HYY is how to welcome new students even better. Come to brainstorm, plan and implement ideas in an interdisciplinary company!

Board member in charge: Matleena Kosonen

Committee for Societal Affairs

Organising meeting, 11 Feb 2014, 6pm

In the Committee for Societal Affairs, you can influence urban issues, housing, subsistence, health, well-being, equality and gender equality. The ways of influence range from academic feasts to reclaiming the streets. Is one of these topics close to your heart? Come to envision, debate and act!

Board members in charge: Sanni Laiho and Jaakko Rissanen

Committee for Environmental Affairs

Organising meeting, 6 Feb 2014, 6pm

The Committee for Environmental Affairs brings together the students of the University of Helsinki who are interested in environmental affairs. The committee organises the eco-label contest, events of the Stinginess Week and participates in the car-free day. The committee also cooperates with organisation members responsible for environmental affairs. Recycle your good ideas and participate in the planning of the university's eco deeds in the Committee for Environmental Affairs!

Board member in charge: Johanna Riitakorpi


During the year, various committees and working groups are established and this information will be available in the e-newsletter for members, for example. In the near future, at least the Campus Farming Committee will be established. Stay tuned!