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Sign-up for campus farming starts 16 March!


Campus farming is open for students, postgraduates and the staff of the University of Helsinki on the campuses in the city centre and in Viikki. The Viikki Campus will host 35 farming crates on the lawn area right next to Biocenter 3. At the City Centre Campus, there are 50 farming sacks available in the courtyards of Snellmania (Unioninkatu 37) and Topelia (Unioninkatu 38). Farmers can reserve either a half a crate/sack or a whole one. For more information on the Campus Farming Committee, read their blog at or contact the committee!


Signing up for campus farming starts on Monday 16 March at 9am and closes on Sunday 22 March at 6pm. There are a limited number of available farming plots, so think and act fast! Use the web form to sign up: All applicants will be notified within a week after the sign-up has closed.


Before signing up, read the following instructions.


There are 85 campus farming plots available in total and they are all (both crates and sacks) at least 80*80*80 centimetres in size. One farmer can reserve either a half plot or a whole one. Farmers will be selected in the order they sign up.


The plots in the city centre are on inner courtyards, and their gates are closed in the evenings and on weekends. We recommend that especially the university staff sign up for the plots at Topelia if they have pass keys to the gates. The gate for Snellmania opens with the same night use key that is used for Aleksandria learning centre. We recommend that everyone who farms at Snellmania acquire the night use key before the farming season begins. The alternative is to visit your plot only on weekdays during regular office hours.


Farmers will be charged a small fee that will go towards running the campus farming activities and hosting events. A half-plot will cost 5 euros and a whole one 10 euros. The Campus Farming Committee will provide farmers with soil, fertilisers, seeds and tools for their plots, in addition to general guidance and special events.


During the spring of 2015 the committee will host a course on urban farming, and the summer will kick off with a tutoring event and seed provision. During the summer there will be a handful of events, and the fall will close with a harvest party!


Campus farming is organised by the Campus Farming Committee. The committee is free for everyone interested to join. The activity is voluntary: farmers are expected to maintain their own plots the entire farming season and have at least a slight bent for communal action. Even though everyone will have their own plots, neighbouring plots also need to be looked after. Participation to communal activities and working bees is also encouraged.


Before signing up for campus farming using the web form please read the form carefully and answer the questions in as much detail as possible. If you experience any problems with the registration, please contact the Campus Farming Committee.


Marianne Saviaho
Chair of the Campus Farming Committee