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Shrove Tuesday High Jinks of University Students on 8 Mar – come and watch the downhill of student financial aid!


The traditional Shrove Tuesday High Jinks of university students in the capital region will be organised on Tuesday, 8 March, 12noon–4pm at Ullanlinnanmäki. In addition to sledging, the event includes music, pea soup and various competitions. Wear warm clothes and join the fun! Please remember to keep Ullanlinnanmäki tidy and take your rubbish away.

Student financial aid is also going downhill, as it will be the only social benefit not tied to the national pension index from 1 March onwards. Take your friend with you and come to Ullis at 2pm to watch the downhill of student financial aid: what else will go downhill if we do not take care of students’ adequate income? Members of Parliament will also participate in the campaign for a better student financial aid.

More information on the event programme and the student financial aid campaign is available at the address