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Selection of the board for HYY


The student council selects every year in December, a new board for the student union. The praxis is that before the meeting there is negotiations for the board where decisions are made on who will be chairperson of the board, how big and who will be selected for the board. During the negotiations the negotiators from the council groups follow rules that have been set up in advance by the groups. When the majority has found a proposal for the board the negotiations end and the groups that have agreed on a majority board informs openly about the conclusion of the negotiations. The conclusion of the negotiations is then used as the proposal when the counsil votes on the chairperson and the board for the student union. As the opposition usually has an opposing proposal there is usually a vote. 

Below you’ll find the candidates for chairperson and the board for the student union for 2018.

Candidates for chairperson


Elina Nieminen
I’m Elina, a community and cooperation driven leader with passion, vision and experience to make 2018 the most meaningful year of HYY’s history. I am applying for the position of Chairperson of HYY’s executive board. I’m known as a people person, yet productive and easily approachable leader, to whom collaboration and openness are important values. As a leader, I excel at creating an environment where everyone can easily express their opinion and use their strengths. Due to my brilliant interpersonal skills and leadership experience, I can support the board members in working towards our common goals and acting as the expert in their own sector. Next year is a great chance to open new, significant doors and to bring all the members of HYY together to celebrate the Student union, the university community and students’ achievements. University of Helsinki should be the best place for a student in the world, and next year is an excellent opportunity to make our goals visible to everyone.

Osakuntalainen edustajistoryhmä

Hanna-Maria Häkkilä
My name is Hanna-Maria Häkkilä and I am applying for the position of Chairperson of HYY’s executive board. I have extensive experience from student organizations, and this year I am in charge of communication and the HYY group on HYY’s executive board. I understand both people and figures well. As chair, I want to enable the board and volunteers so, that they can make the HYY150 jubilee year their own and a memorable year for the whole union. Next year HYY must be an active participant and bring new points of view into discussions. The student union participates in public debate concerning university legislation, the entrance exam reform and students’ livelihood and will vocally speak out on behalf of all students. It is important to me personally to look out for people’s well-being without losing sight of our goals. At the end of my term HYY’s members will be happier and will have built a better world together.

Sitoutumaton vasemmisto – Obunden Vänster – Independent left

Lauri Linna
My name is Lauri Linna, I am a law student on my fourth year. I am running to be the chair of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. I am known as a positive ‘eager beaver’, who enjoys a challenge. While working in the board this year I’ve been involved with ambitions to increase transparency, to fight for university democracy and to help student organisations become safer and better accessible places for our members. I have been involved in further developing the principles and processes behind our financial support for student organisations. I love poetry as well as official documents, administration as well as sense of community and helping people to achieve their full potential. In the Student Union we must follow our values more efficiently and become forerunners in what we expect from others: the Union must be open, transparent, equal, democratic and a brave promoter of the interests of students. We have all the possibilities to be the visionaries and pioneers in our issues - let us not miss this opportunity.

Candidates for the board


Sara Järvinen
I’m a 27-year-old theology student. Throughout my studies, I’ve been active in student organisations.  Before that, I took part in developing computer gaming culture in a youth association. Those experiences have given me competence to execute strategies and skills for managing budgets and finance. Therefore, I’m applying primarily to the position of the chair of the Board’s Financial Committee for 2018. I’m also available as the board member responsible for HYY Group and I would enjoy working in the social policy sector. As a person I’m filled with courage and always ready to question old conventions. I enjoy exciting moments and creating things together with others, but I also accomplish a lot by myself. I like to make people laugh and always try to spread good vibes to everyone around me.

Jane Kärnä
I’m Jane - a student of theatre studies and organisation active! My dream HYY is a community of opportunities where people are cared for, supported and cheered on. I want to work towards a Student Union that provides more and more motivating, diverse opportunities to its members, and support for its organisations that also provide such opportunities. HYY and its organisations have given me a place where I can learn and grow and also many amazing friends and memorable moments! I get excited easily and love to work together with others, and years of experience give me the confidence to work brilliantly even under pressure.  I sincerely care about people around me and want to make sure everyone gets their chance in the spotlight. My main areas of interests for the board are volunteers, organisations, communications for organisations and equality in organisations but I’m also open to new challenges!

Krista Laitila
I am a 25-year-old student majoring in behavioral sciences, to whom working with people is easy. I have worked in various organisations, with a range of different people, which has been meaningful and instructive. Working in communities is a natural way for me to work. My motivated attitude and my ability to learn quickly makes me a person who can be thrown in different depths of water and I still learn to swim. I am an extrovert, rich in ideas and solution-oriented and I work smoothly under stress and pressure. I am available to be vice chairman of the Student Union. If necessary, I am also available to be responsible of HYY Group. My goal is to improve the spirit in the community of the student representatives and to be involved in making Student Union’s spectacular 150-year-old jubilee, where students can get involved in planning and implementing different jubilee events.

Mathilda Timmer
I’m Mathilda, a fifth year student from the Faculty of Social Sciences. My desire to help others and save the world have led me all the way from confirmation camp group leader to this point. I’m applying to HYY’s board because I want to defend fellow students’ rights and promote their interests. When I was selected as the head of educational affairs in my organisation as a first-year student, I thought influencing educational policy is the best way to have a positive impact on students’ lives. Years later, I still see it as my own area of expertise and that’s why I want to promote good educational policy also as a member of HYY’s board. However, I’m always excited about learning new and therefore open to other possibilities as well. I’m that person with head in the clouds, but feet firmly on the ground. I’m that person who doesn’t quit, and one who is needed as a member in every single board. “A lot of talk but also a lot of action” - Ismo Laitela

Laura Wathen
I am Laura, a 25-year-old political science student. I’m an energetic person and get easily excited about new challenges and fresh ideas, but I’m also willing to roll up my sleeves to make those ideas a reality. Years of work as a volunteer in different associations have made me an organisational wizard: I can manage complex projects and work efficiently even under great pressure, and I have courage to make difficult decisions. My studies in social sciences, previous work experience and passion to make the Student union and this city better for students would make me an excellent choice for the social political sector. But, because I’m also a versatile team member, I would be a great addition to any sector from events to student organisations. I’m especially motivated by next year’s celebrations, because they allow us to emphasize promotion of students’ interests, or even have a gigantic party together, as a student union!


Jeremias Nurmela
I’m a 22 years old law student, active participant in organisations and vice member of the representative council of the Students Union from Helsinki. I’m applying for the board of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki for the term 2018 in order to make the Student union an even more functional and impactful organisation than it already is. I am a very collaborative and cooperative person with a strong work ethic. I am also very familiar with the Student Union through many positions of trust in the Union. Furthermore, I have been the chairman for a middle-sized organisation for this passing year. Hence, I feel that I possess the required experience and vision to be a valuable asset for this position. For me the long-term wellbeing of the Student Union, quality services that enhance studying and fairness are the most important goals which I would strive for in the board of the Student Union.


Anssi Mykkänen
I am a 4th year medical student. I have experience in HYY as chairperson of representative group HELP this year and board member of Ylioppilaslehden Kustannus Oy for two years. In these positions I have learned many things from which I would benefit as HYY board member. I am analytic and I familiarize myself with subjects thoroughly before making decisions. I would bring wide understanding and a view outside of the centre campus to the Board. I think that HYY should be more visible at every campus of University of Helsinki and every member of the Student Union should feel that they benefit from HYY. I am interested in the position of vice president, HYY Group, educational policy, health and development cooperation. 

Ville Liu
My name is Ville Liu and i study dentistry. I’m on my first semester in the HYY student union council and in the past year i’ve also taken part in the preliminary committee. In addition to these tasks, I am also active in my own from student – governed organization, HLKS. I could especially bring my expertise in the health sector on the table, but also my experience in governed organization and organizing events. My good organizing skills and my tranquility would also be an advantage in HYY' board. Fluency of students' everyday life and studies is important to me and I am very motivated to work in HYY for these things on the board. In particular, I would like to have an effect and work on the views, in HYY:s Government, on health, physical activity, communication, the status of new students, equality and the activities of tutors, I am most interested in acting on these responsibilities.

HYYn Vihreät – De Gröna vid HUS

Sebastian Österman
I’m Sebastian, a second year student of biology and an enthusiastic member of several organizations. I got quite involved with the Student Union during my first year of studies. I’ve functioned as chairperson for my representative council group for the past year, and I’m also a vice member of the preparatory and central selection committees. Additionally, I’ve found my way into a plethora of student associations in my own faculty: I handle study affairs in Biosfääri, am vice chair for Viikki-speksi and in charge of international affairs in Svenska Naturvetarklubben. On top of this I’ve been actively studying and acquired 120 study credits last year alone. The abovementioned duties have required a lot of effort, and now I’d like to dedicate my time and energy for the good of the Student Union. I strive to strengthen the Student Union’s multidisciplinarity, unity and sphere of influence. I have a keen interest in educational policy, communication and environmental affairs. I’m relaxed yet ambitious by nature. I would be honored to serve as a board member of the Student Union in 2018, and sincerely hope I will be given the opportunity to prove my worthiness.

Amanda Pasanen
I am a 23-year-old master's student in Environmental Change and Global Sustainability and a candidate of HYY Greens for the board 2018. During the past year I have been one of the chairs of the Green Council Group and before that I have been active in the student union committees (Chair of the Development Cooperation Committee 2016), in my own subject organisation (MYY ry, international advisor) and in the university administration (Institution of Environmental Sciences, Executive Committee of the Masters Program in Environmental Change and Global Sustainability). In the HYY board I would like to enhance the societal interaction through influencing the city of Helsinki and supervising the interests of the students. Under the chaotic exam reforms and education cuts it is also important to influence the university in order to ensure that the interests and wellbeing of students are taken into account.

Auli Elolahti
I'm a 25-yeard-old Master’s student of environmental sciences, member of the Representative Council in HYY greens and long-time NGO activist. I’m applying to HYY board for year 2018 and I hope to get a change to develop HYYs’ effectiveness and sustainability by involving all members to act as active citizens. Because of my experience I have good possibilities for working with communications and environmental related topics, but I’m also really keen on topics as urban policy, living and HYY Group. In the HYY I have been most active as a member of representative council and supervisory board of the HYY Group as well as student union committees like Natura, Symbioosi, MYY and Environmental Committee. I have also volunteer and work experience on numerous projects and events as well as communications. I believe that as a board member, I could be experienced organizing and communications skilled player.

Osakuntalainen edustajistoryhmä

Topias Tolonen
My name is Topias Tolonen and I am applying for the executive board of HYY in 2018. I am an over-the-top optimist, nation-centered, tavastia-hearted person, whose strengths are in mathematics, diverse experience of student organisations and the will to cooperate. At the beginning of my university years I devoted myself to my studies, but during the last couple of years I’ve been active in several organisations in order to make up for those lost years. I’ve acted as the coordinator of Hämäläis-Osakunta, I’ve seen the disorder of IT-consulting companies and I’ve lectured on probability calculations at the university. My diverse background from different sectors, combined with my interest in education policy and student representation gives me the ability to understand different situations – my financial and mathematical competence only further diversify my profile and make an important addition to everyday office work. HYY is in a great position to affect the position of students on the university level as well the organisational level; my motivation and competence make me a fantastic addition to this group. 

Sitoutumaton vasemmisto – Obunden Vänster – Independent left

Titta Hiltunen
I am a student of political history on my fourth year and the chair of the council group of the Independent Left. I am eager to show my abilities in the board and I am very motivated to work for the Students’ Union. In the board work I am specifically interested in promoting students’ interests, securing students’ subsistence, working for a better living environment in the city and working with and further developing the WSC network. I am familiar with political processes due to my studies as well as my own interests. Equality issues are close to my heart and I feel I would be efficient if responsible for those. I am also interested in international issues, development cooperation and campus farming. I want to be involved in putting into practice the ideals we have defined in our new policy paper. The Student Union of my dreams is truly equal and a strong advocate for it’s members.

Julius Uusinarkaus
I’m a fourth year computer scientist and mathematics student, applying for the board of HYY for 2018. I’ve gained a reputation for getting things done, working relentlessly, and as a creative problem solver. I’m a natural at working on projects; I’m good at keeping the pieces together, budgeting, as well as utilising the potential of others. My skills in programming open doors with efficient work and decision making. My skillset would be put to the best use working with organizations or events, as well as working on equality. The student union of my dreams is safe and open place for every student to be themselves, and realize the benefits of the union. Where every student can enjoy our rich student culture without being harassed.  The 150 year anniversary year is a perfect opportunity to renew and improve. I want to be a part of doing so, and assure that I will be a excellent addition to the board . 


Emilia Granqvist
I study political science and I want to bring the Student Union closer to its members so that every HYY member can be proud of their student union. HYY must be equally accessible for everyone, regardless of language and social background. I also want to be a part of making the anniversary year unforgettable. My experience from management of both small and larger organizations would be useful in the HYY Board. I am especially interested in the areas of events, communication and the HYY Group. One year at the HYY Board would give me important experience for developing as a social impactor.

Emma Heikkilä
I study primary education at the Faculty of Educational Sciences. I am a member of the board in Svenska Nationer och Ämnesföreningar, where I am responsible for freshmen students and alumni. I am also active in the bilingualism committee at the student union. In addition I am active in Condus where I am responsible for multilingual and educational affairs - I have a wide perspective on student organisations, from the point of view as a student of Educational Sciences. I am multilingual and fluent in the three languages that are used in the student union, and I have a keen interest in equality affairs. On the board of the student union I would like to work with bilingual affairs, equality, as well as health and sports.

Sosialidemokraattiset opiskelijat

Aleksanteri Gustafsson
I’m Aleksanteri Gustafsson, 4th year History student and organisational activist. I’m running for the Board of the Student Union to promote strong advocacy of students’ interests, stabile and responsible financial management and a student union that’s close to all its members. I’ve gained experience from Student Union as a member of the Financial Committee and as a vice member of the Representative Council. I’ve got other organisational experience from my own student organisations Kronos and OSY, as a member of board in both. Before Student Union’s organisations I’ve been active in numerous social democratic organisations and in other youth organisations. I would be an active and cooperative member of the Board. In all my tasks I strive to take other people’s views into consideration, because I believe this is the best way to achieve common goals. Openness and involvement are values that I would promote in the board.