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Rule change evening


Are you worried about your subject organisation’s future in the middle of all the changes to degree programmes? Could this require you organisation to change its rules on membership, for instance? Are your organisation’s rules confusing or simply in need of a revamp?

HYY’s organisation and educational policy sectors are organising a rule change evening for all organisations reflecting upon their rules. The evening’s programme also covers the consequences of the Big Wheel reform from the perspective of subject and faculty organisations. Additionally, we will provide information on the Associations Act and on changing an organisation’s rules from other perspectives than only a subject organisation’s. 

You should come and take part in the evening if you
- have ever considered changing the rules of your organisation;
- are in the process of changing the rules of your organisation;
- are uncertain of how rule changes are made;
- have contemplated your subject organisation’s future in the University’s current state of change;
- are interested in rules; or
- are interested in hearing how the Big Wheel affects the organisational field.

Questions related to the evening’s themes can be sent in advance to santeri.velin(a)

The event is held in Mannerheim Hall (at Mannerheimintie 5 A, 5th floor) on 23 May at 5 pm–8 pm. Unfortunately, the premises are not accessible. The event is held mainly in Finnish.

”Besides not speaking Finnish, I’m also unfamiliar with the Finnish Associations Act. Will this evening be useful for international students or an international student organisation?”
- Definitely, if you have ever wondered about the Associations Act or organisations’ rules! We will answer questions made in English, too.

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