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Results of HYY Board Negotiations for 2017


Negotiations to form the board of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) started Monday 7th November. As a result of the board negotiations the representative groups HYAL, the Greens of HYY, the Independent Left , Social Democratic Students (OSY) and Student Nations are ready to form the 2017 board.

The representative groups in question suggest to the representative council Laura Luoto (HYAL) as the former of the board. In addition, it was agreed in the negotiations that the board will nominate Ada Saarinen (Greens of HYY) as the vice chair and Lauri Linna (the Independent Left) as the chair of the Financial Committee.

Suggestion for the board members:

Hanna-Maria Häkkilä (Osakuntalaiset)
Mikko Kymäläinen (OSY)
Joel Lindqvist (SitVas)
Elina Nieminen (HYAL)
Matias Nurmi (HYAL)
Elli Saari (HYAL)
Minna Silvennoinen (HyVi)
Minna Suorsa (HYAL)
Riikka Tähkävuori (HyVi)

HYY's Representative Council will elect the former of the Board and the Board for the year of 2017 at its meeting on 1 Dec.