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Results of HYY Board Negotiations for 2015


Negotiations to form the board of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) have been on-going during the past week. As a result of the board negotiations the representative groups HYAL, Student Nations, the Greens of HYY and the Independent Left are ready to form the 2015 board. During the negotiations the representative groups found a common understanding on the direction of HYY. The groups forming the board also agreed upon the following concerning next year’s budget: the membership fee will not rise and the financial support of the organizations will not be cut.

The representative groups in question suggest to the representative council Mari Kyllönen (HYAL) as the former of the board. In addition, it was agreed in the negotiations that the board will nominate Pilvi Nummelin (Greens of HYY) as the vice chair and Otso Heiskanen (Student Nations) as the chair of the Financial Committee.

Alviina Alametsä (Greens of HYY)
Miran Hamidulla (HYAL)
Otso Heiskanen (Student Nations)
Susanna Jokimies (HYAL)
Ella Keski-Panula (Student Nations)
Minna Mäkitalo (HYAL)
Pilvi Nummelin (Greens of HYY)
Mimmi Piikkilä (Independent Left)
Hanna Piitulainen (HYAL)
Pasi Pykälistö (Student Nations)
Vihtori Suominen (Independent Left)


HYY's Representative Council will elect the former of the Board and the Board for the year of 2015 at its meeting on 1 Dec.


urther information is provided by the main negotiators of the Representative Council groups, which form the Board:

Vesa Piilola (HYAL), +358 50 37 174 92, vesa.piilola(at),
Matti Lehto (osakuntalaiset), +358 50 36 049 36, matti.lehto(at)
Aaro Häkkinen (HYY:n Vihreät), +358 45 6312036, aaro.hakkinen(at)
Tiina Parkkinen (Sitoutumaton Vasemmisto), +358 40 1679660, tiina.m.parkkinen(at)