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Results of HYY Board negotiations


During the last week, the board negotiations have taken place in HYY.  As the result of the negotiations, HYY Board for the year of 2014 will be formed by Independent Left (SitVas), HYY Greens (HyVi), the Representative Council group of subject organisations (HYAL) and the Representative Council group of student nations (Osak.). In the negotiations, the groups achieved    a good consensus both on HYY's direction and personnel issues.

The previously-mentioned groups propose to the Representative Council that Student of Education Anna-Maija ”Annis” Riekkinen (SitVas) is elected as the former of the board. In addition, Iiris Niinikoski (HYAL) is most likely to be elected as the Vice Chairperson, Teemu Palkki (Osak.) as the Chairperson of the Financial Committee and Aarni Suvitie (HYAL) as the board member in charge of HYY Group affairs. The previously-mentioned will form the working committee of the board. In addition, Jaakko Rissanen (SitVas), Johanna Riitakorpi (HyVi), Toivo Laitinen (HyVi), Mari Kyllönen (HYAL), Esa Tiusanen (HYAL), Mats Ittonen (HYAL), Sanni Laiho (Osak.) and Matleena Kosonen (Osak.) are most likely to be elected to the Board. The Board will agree on its division of work (excluding the seats of the working committee) when it gets organised.

HELP, Oikea suunta, SNÄf and OSY will most likely be in the opposition. We thank the groups for successful and unprecedentedly open board negotiations.

The groups, which form the Board, agreed on the following issues in the negotiations:
- membership fee will not be increased
- project-based personnel resource for advocacy work will be increased by EUR 20,000
- project fund of EUR 10,000 is reserved for the projects of organisations and committees 
- operational reserve of the committees will be discontinued (EUR 3,000)
- grant for the organisational use of Sivistys sauna will be reduced by EUR 5,000
- new decisions on cutting organisational grants or facilities will not be made in the coming term of the Board (excluding the previously-mentioned grant for the organisational use of Sivistys sauna)
- The Representative Council will decide on the target programme and the related decisions have not been made in the board negotiations. 

HYY's Representative Council will elect the former of the Board and the Board for the year of 2014 at its meeting on 3 Dec.

Further information is provided by the main negotiators of the Representative Council groups, which form the Board:
Silva Loikkanen, 040 508 3811, silva.loikkanen(at)
Aaro Häkkinen, 045 631 2036, aaro.hakkinen(at)
Jannica Aalto, 045 134 7636, jannica.aalto(at)
Heikki Luoto, 050 368 8894, heikki.luoto(at)