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Respond to YOPALA-questionnaire


All students who have completed the Bachelor's degree in the year 2012 will receive a request to their university e-mail address to respond to the feedback survey in the message. The Student Union hopes that everyone who receives the survey would also use some time to respond to it. If you have graduated as a Bachelor last year, you are included in the survey and you have time to respond until next week, as the survey will close on 31 May.

In addition to course feedback, this feedback from Bachelors is a way to tell the University how it has succeeded in its teaching responsibility. The same survey is conducted in all other universities. From the year 2015 onwards, the Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM) will also allocate EUR 50 million for universities from their core funding based on students' satisfaction. This satisfaction is measured with this survey.

One section of the survey also provides counter feedback, when the respondent can directly see how his/her answers are placed in relation to students who have previously responded to the survey. YOPALA project of the Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for the feedback survey, which is implemented by the German CHE Consult GmbH specialising in higher education.