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The Representative Council decided on HYY's parliamentary election themes


HYY's Representative Council convened at its first meeting of the year on Monday, 25 Feb. The meeting decided on HYY's parliamentary election themes for the year of 2015. The Representative Council chose the following of the objectives presented by the Board: "Affordable housing for students!", "Education to secure welfare and competitiveness" and "Acknowledgments and rights of students who are able to study part-time".

HYY will have effect on these themes and they will be particularly visible in connection with the parliamentary elections.

”The Representative Council is nearly unanimous on the housing objective, which reflects the fact that improving the poor student housing situation is important for students. Housing is also  HYY's one of the most important advocacy objectives this year. Next we will move to concrete advocacy work and put our hands in clay!", says Vice Chairperson of the Board Iiris Niinikoski.

The meeting also discussed the Student Union's rule reform and the electronic distribution of the Representative Council meeting material, among other things. In addition, the Board announced this year's special projects.

The Representative Council is HYY's highest decision-making body of 60 members. The Representative Council meetings are open to all HYY members. The Representative Council is elected in the general member election every second year, for the next time in the autumn of 2014.

For further information on the parliamentary election themes, please contact Chairperson of the Board  Anna-Maija Riekkinen (anna-maija.riekkinen(at), 050 543 9610).