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Registration for the Grand Sitsit opens 15 March


We are once again celebrating the Grand Sitsit academic dinner party in May, on Thursday 24 May 2018 to be precise! Students will fill up the Senate Square for the third time as HYY celebrates turning 150 years old and the student nation system turning 375 years old.

Organisations’ registration for the event opens at noon on Thursday 15 March at Organisations have the opportunity to purchase the number of seats they desire until 11.59 pm on Sunday 15 April, and each organisation is responsible for filling the seats they purchase.

Signing up occurs through the Lyyti system, and organisations must pay the participation fees (€6.5 per person) directly in connection with signing up. In addition to seat reservations, organisations may use the registration form to order the number of official Grand Sitsit 2018 overall badges they want.

NOTE! Organisations receive the registrations and possible fees from their members themselves. They also take care of the dishes, food and drinks for their own participants in the style of traditional dinner party service. More information on the afterparty of the dinner party will be available later.

For more information on the registration, please contact us at

See you in the spring! We hope a great many of you will come and celebrate with us at the Senate Square in May. You will hear the latest news about the Grand Sitsit first in the Facebook event: