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Propose a good teacher for the Magister bonus prize


The Good Teacher - Magister bonus prize of HYY is awarded every autumn to a teacher who has shown skills and interest both towards teaching and students. Every member or an association of the academic community can propose a candidate.

Criteria for the prize are:


  • Student-friendliness. In addition to a good attitude, student-friendliness also includes developing general well-being and communality. The attitude which appreciates students can be seen in tutoring, lectures and in other actions, too.
  • Expertise and ability to highlight essential issues. A good teacher is enthusiastic of one’s own field and also knows how to deliver it to students. Expertise is visible in teaching and a teacher acts as a reliable guide for students on their way to the science community.
  • Positive attitude towards developing. A good teacher actively develops both his/her methods and oneself as a teacher. S/he acts as part of the science community and aims to develop teaching in one’s own faculty and also more extensively at the University.
  • Giving and receiving constructive criticism. A good teacher knows how to collect feedback and take advantage of it. S/he also knows how to give constructive feedback to students and how to encourage them to have an open dialogue.

Nominations for the recipient of Magister Bonus prize should be submitted via the e-form by 12noon on Friday, 24 Oct 2014. The reasons should, if possible, include examples of how a nominated person fulfills the criteria. You do not have to provide a detailed example of each criterion. The most important thing is that the application gives a good picture of how the nominated teacher meets the criteria in the applicant's view.


The application may also include the candidate's related prior recognitions, nominations and prizes, as well as the university portfolio, if they have one. You may download this information as attachments in the e-form.


In addition, the application may include comments by students and other members of the academic community, or other suitable samples of the candidate's merits.


Magister Bonus prize winners from the previous years (unfortunately only in Finnish)


Further information: Board Member Johanna Riitakorpi, tel. 050 576 5073,