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Proposals of student representatives for faculty councils and the University Collegium have been published!


Faculty-specific selection committees have made their proposals on the persons to be selected to faculty councils and the University Collegium. All proposals can be seen here. Please note that these are only proposals and the student representatives have not yet been selected.

The results of the actual selection will be published as soon after the decisions have been made as possible. The student representatives to the faculty councils are selected by HYY’s Board during November, while the student representatives to the University Collegium are selected in the meeting of HYY’s Representative Council on 4 December 2017. The two-year term of the new student representatives begins on 1 January 2018. HYY organises training sessions for the student representatives in December–January.

For more information on the selection process, please contact Selection Coordinator Jenna Sorjonen, tel. 050 325 5202, jenna.sorjonen(at)