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Political groups successful in HYY’s Representative Council elections, independent HYAL remains largest group


The Student Union of the University of Helsinki’s (HYY) Representative Council’s power relations were reshaped in the first electronic Representative Council elections in HYY’s history, held on 26–28 October and 31 October–2 November. Voter turnout in the elections was 31.61%, which is 0.06 percentage points lower than in the previous Representative Council elections in 2014. Voter turnout has remained at around the same level during the 2000s.

Political groups rolled into the council in force

The biggest winner of the elections was the Maailmanpyörä + Tsemppi electoral alliance, consisting of the Helsinki University Greens, the Independent Left and international students. The alliance received 17 seats on the council. Within the alliance, the Independent Left increased its number of seats in the council the most, from five to eight seats. The Helsinki University Greens, however, remains the largest political group, going from eight up to nine seats. The Greens and the Independent Left cooperate widely in the Representative Council, which means that their combined number of seats holds great significance.

Another winner in this year’s elections is the Edistykselliset group, which includes students from the National Coalition Party and the Centre Party. They increased their number of seats from three to six. The final political group to receive seats in the council, the Social Democratic Students’ Association (OSY), retained their two seats.

Independent groups suffer defeat

The largest group in the Representative Council is still the independent subject organisations’ group HYAL with its 18 seats, which is, however, two fewer than during the previous term. The biggest defeat in the elections befell the electoral alliance of student nations, which lost three seats, going down from eight to five.
HELP, the group for students of dentistry, veterinary medicine, medicine and law, retained their nine seats. SNÄf, the group for Swedish speakers, also retained their previous number of seats, three seats.

One group fell out of the Representative Council, no new groups got in

The international students’ group, Tsemppi, fell out of the council completely. They entered the Representative Council with two seats in the last elections but now lost both their seats.
Three groups with no seats in the previous Representative Council took part in the elections. These groups were the Pirate Party, the Liberal electoral coalition and the Finns Party’s electoral coalition. However, none of these groups succeeded in getting into the Representative Council.

Candidates with the most votes come from political groups

The candidates that received the most votes in the elections came from political groups: Tarik Ahsanullah from Edistykselliset with 155 votes and Amanda Pasanen from HYY’s Greens with 139 votes. They were the only candidates to receive over 100 votes. Ahsanullah has been a member of the Representative Council during the previous term, whereas Pasanen got into the council as an entirely new member.


HYAL: 18 (-2)
Maailmanpyörä 17 (+4)
Tsemppi 0 (-2)
HELP 9 (-)
Osakuntalainen rengas 5 (-3)
Edistykselliset 6 (+3)
Svenska Nationer och Ämnesföreningar 3 (-)
OSY 2 (-)

The election result as well as the results from previous years can be found at