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Participate in the tutor badge design contest!


How do you recognise tutors from among freshmen? From their tutor badges of course! HYY annually delivers the legendary ”tutor badges” for tutors of the University of Helsinki. If you are lucky, the badge may have a picture designed by YOU!


HYY's Committee for Tutor Affairs declares open a tutor badge design contest. The contest is open to all HYY members. The task is to design a badge, the diameter of which is 56 mm. The badge should include (at least) the words “Tuutori”, “Tutor” and “2014” and it should be evident that the person who wears the badge is a tutor in the year of 2014. The shape of the badge is circle.


Please send your contest entry in PDF form in two sizes (56mm and 80mm) to by 12noon on Monday, 5 May. The winner will be elected by the Committee for Tutor Affairs and published in HYY's tutor night on 15 May. The winner will be awarded with a gift certificate of EUR 50. 


Further information:

Susanna Jokimies

Vice Chairperson of HYY's Committee for Tutor Affairs 


Matleena Kosonen

HYY Board Member