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Participate in the preparation of HYY's political policy papers


This spring, HYY will make decisions on policies related to the student union's subsistence and housing affairs. This time, all willing members of HYY can participate in the preparation of policy papers by making comments on the drafts on GoogleDocs.

The subsistence policy paper will be drafted in HYY for the first time. The purpose is to collect HYY's views on student financial aid, among other things.
HYY's housing policy paper determines HYY's objectives on housing policy issues in general and objectives regarding student housing. The current policy paper was drafted in 2011, which is available at

Through GoogleDocs, you can participate in the preparation of policy papers and follow their progress. HYY's board member and specialists in charge of housing and subsistence affairs will prepare drafts on policy papers based on the open preparatory work. The drafts will be discussed by HYY's Board and Representative Council. The subsistence policy paper will be approved by the Representative Council at its meeting on April 23th and the housing policy paper on may 12nd.

You can comment the subsistence policy paper here.
You can comment the housing policy paper here.

The texts are in finnish but you can comment in English, too!

HYY uses policy papers to support its advocacy work. The objectives determined in policy papers are promoted in statements and campaigns, as well as by meeting with politicians and officials.