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Part-time studies are now allowed during sickness allowance


From January 2015 on students who are recovering from an illness are allowed part-time studies on sickness allowance. This has not been possible before, not even in cases where studying would have been beneficial for the recovery process. HYY has worked together with other student unions for years to remove this unnecessary hurdle from the legislation.


Kela has set normative maximum credit limits for students in higher education so that they can assess when their studies are regarded as part-time: 24 credits per academic year, 12 credits per academic term or 3 credits per month. These are recommendations only.


Don’t hesitate to accept sickness allowance, if you have to put your studies on hold due to long-term illness! Even the slightest progress in your studies is better than dropping out completely. Remember to ask for a medical certificate from your physician, if you need to suspend your studies because of an illness. You may need to provide it to Kela to prove your eligibility for study grants.


Information on Kela’s website is unfortunately currently not available in English: