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Our new Anniversary Master is Emma Korhonen!


Emma studies psychology at the University of Helsinki and she was the chair of her subject organisation Kompleksi last year. Emma organised the organisation’s anniversary ball for 350 people in February and works now with Kompleksi alumni in the organisation. HYY’s Anniversary Master puts together the volunteer team for the anniversary academic dinner party and the after-party birthday bash and manages all the practical arrangements.

“It’s a passion of mine to throw anniversary parties, and it can’t get any better than this! To work with HYY outside my own faculty is a new experience for me, and I want the anniversary party to be one for each and every student! In November we’ll celebrate not only student union traditions but come up with something new and surprising – something beautiful, something ravishing and a whole deal of unforgettable experiences! Join the volunteer team!”

HYY’s 149th Anniversary Party and the after-party birthday bash will be 23 November. The official anniversary day is 26 November.

Tickets for both the academic dinner party and the after-party will be on sale later in the autumn.

More information:
Elina Nieminen, HYY Board Member (events and volunteers)