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The nomination of candidates in the Representative Council elections ended – one-third less candidates than in 2009


On Monday morning, the Central Office bustled with election chiefs who arrived to submit the candidate forms for the Representative Council elections. The nomination of candidates for the elections conducted on 18-19 Oct ended at 12noon on Monday. 619 candidate forms were submitted by the deadline, which is 299 less than in the previous elections in 2009 when there were 918 candidates. 10 groups have nominated candidates.

The number of candidates in almost all the groups declined from the previous elections. Only HELP and Piraatit increased their number of candidates. The student nations (Osakuntien suuri vaalirengas) have the smallest number of candidates in ten years; 161 candidates. The difference to the previous elections is more than 200 candidates (2009:362).

Group                                  Candidates 2011     Candidates 2009     
HELP                                                                     101                                75
HYAL                                                                    116                              129
Liberaalinen vaaliliitto                                            2                                  3
Maailmanpyörä                                                       92                              120
Oikea suunta                                                          92
Opiskelijademarit                                                   24                               32
Osakuntien suuri vaalirengas                                161                            362
The Finns Party (Perussuomalainen vaaliliitto)        3                                 3
Piraatit                                                                     10                                 4
SNÄf r.f.                                                                   18                               42

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