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New Information about Printing at University


According to previously received information, new printing quotas were not supposed to be introduced until 1 Sept. However, in practice, the quotas have been valid since the introduction of new printers. Therefore, printers may have already complained that your quota has been met.
After some confusion, we have now finally received guidelines that we should be able to rely on. The University's Centre for Facilities and Properties has also promised to inform the students about this matter.
By mid-April, the University will receive so-called ”quotaless printers”. Students' printing quota is not reduced when using these printers. Until the introduction of these printers, the units should organise study-related printing so that students are not affected by this matter.

- Students should be directed to helpdesk in order to increase their balance
•Helpdesk is right now congested due to the discontinuation of Windows XP devices and students who request additional balance. Therefore, it may take a couple of days to increase your balance.
•We try to handle the most urgent cases as soon as possible.
- If helpdesk is not able to help you, you should contact the IT contact person of your own department (or subject) 
•A support person should be able to transfer a student to a group which allows printing that does not consume the quota (instructions have been delivered) or organise the printing of a thesis in some other way.
- Old cardboard copy cards still function in certain printers at campus libraries. The listing of these devices can be found on Unigrafia's info page.

-Students can use free printers during the transitional period (listing of locations below)
•These devices will be in use where possible in the week beginning on 31 March, but no later than 15 Apr. 
•Devices will be in use at least until 1 Sept 2014.
•Printing from these devices is not unlimited, but users who print too much will be reviewed as needed. The definition of excessive printing will be discussed during the spring. 
•When using free devices, you can only print black and white pages and you cannot copy or scan documents.
- Unigrafia's online store will open on 15 Apr.
•At the same time, students' current balance is reset.
•Students may, however, continue to print for free with free printers. With other devices, you will need balance purchased from the online store.


Location of free printers
City Centre
Fabianinkatu 28 (Aleksandria) 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors
Snelmanninkatu 12,
Siltavuorenpenger 5 A (Minerva),
Siltavuorenpenger 7 (Department of Teacher Education),
Siltavuorenpenger 3 A (Department of Educational Sciences)

Gustaf Hällströmin Katu 2a (Physicum), D208,
A. I. Virtasen aukio (Chemicum),
Gustaf Hällströmin Katu 2b (Exactum),

Haartmaninkatu 4
Kytösuontie 9

Latokartanonkaari 9, 173a
Viikinkaari 11 (Info Centre), Library, 2nd floor h169
Viikinkaari 1 (Biocenter 3), h4403
Agnes Sjöbergin katu 2, A2001

Departments also have the opportunity to offer their own zero-priced printers.