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The Negotiations on the Board of the Student Union for 2018 have been concluded


Negotiations on the Student Union's board for 2018 have been concluded on November 7th.The board will be formed by the same groups as in the current year: Ainejärjestöläisten edustajistoryhmä (HYAL), HYY:n Vihreät (the Greens of HYY), Social democratic students OSY, Osakuntalainen edustajistoryhmä (Finnish-speaking Student Nations) and Sitoutumaton vasemmisto (Independent Left). This year the negotiation practices were renewed and the common regulations made clearer. The negotiations were held in good spirit and for this we would like to thank all the council groups.

The negotiated composition of the board of 2018 is as follows:

Lauri Linna, Chair of the Board (Independent Left)

Krista Laitila, Vice Chair of the Board (HYAL)

Sara Järvinen, Chair of the FInancial Committee (HYAL)

Amanda Pasanen, The Chair of Supervisory board of HYY Group (The Greens of HYY)

Auli Elolahti (The Greens of HYY)

Aleksanteri Gustafsson (OSY - Social Democrats)

Titta Hiltunen (Independent Left)

Jane Kärnä (HYAL)

Mathilda Timmer (HYAL)

Topias Tolonen (Finnish-speaking Student Nations)

Laura Wathén (HYAL)

Sebastian Österman (The Greens of HYY)

The groups were committed to keep the membership fee at its current level. The following changes will be made to the proposal of the Financial Committee for the 2018 budget:
An additional allocation of 30 000 euros will be made to the employee budget and it’s different subdivisions. This appropriation will be used to fund advocational projects, that make use of the additional visibility the jubilee year of 150 provides, as the Student Union will make new socially notable opening during its jubilee year.

7 000 euros will be added to organizations' operational grants for faculty and subject organizations, student nations, other organizations as well as orchestras, choirs and theatres according to present allocation proportions. 2 000 euros of this will be taken from the general operational provision. The council groups that form the board commit to include the advocational objectives from the draft on the programme of objectives in the final programme. The specific objectives are specified in the Finnish version of this notice. In addition the following objectives will be added to the draft of the programme of objectives:

1. Zero tolerance on sexual harassment
The Student Union will invest in concrete actions to eliminate sexual harassment within the union. The union can for example organize a campaign against harassment and educate actives on the student organization field to recognize and interfere in harassment cases in their events.

2. A Student Union close to its members
The services, accommodations and support should be directed in a way, that they will make render and guide student organizations to act according to the union’s values. In addition the processes behind our financial support for student organizations will be reviewed. At the same time we will aim to make the principles behind these processes more understandable.

3. Student representatives do not have to be alone
The representatives form an active network and know their placement on the field. They are aware on how to ask for help from the union and other representatives. It is clear to everyone where the representatives influence and what information it is possible to get from then.

The groups authorize the current board to make stylistic or clarifying changes to the objectives.

On behalf of the representative groups,

Jaakko Rissanen
Negotiator, Independent Left
+358 40 5141 551

Miran Hamidulla
Negotiator, HYAL
+358 44 535 1666

Toivo Laitinen
Negotiator, The Greens of HYY
+358 44 977 8245

Maria Loima
Negotiator, OSY - Social Democrats
+358 44 086 3183

Teemu Palkki
Negotiator, Finnish-speaking Student Nations
+358 50 331 7815