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Move to general housing allowance – what should students do in the summer?


The housing supplement of the student financial aid is abolished on 1 August 2017 when students move to general housing allowance.

What should students do now?

Check your rental agreement: is it personal or does it have joint responsibility?
General housing allowance is granted to the household collectively: the incomes of all members of the household affect the amount of housing allowance granted. People living in the same apartment with separate rental agreements are also considered to constitute a household if their rental agreements have a clause on joint responsibility. If you live in the same apartment with one or more people without being a part of the same household, contact your landlord in time. The formulation of rental agreements can be changed so that the tenants would not be jointly responsible for the rent. In student housing foundations, this should be taken care of before Midsummer as new apartment seekers and their service needs will take precedence after that.

Estimate your income and use Kela’s calculators.
From which date onwards should you apply for general housing allowance?
The amount of general housing allowance is determined by either your regular income or your estimated income during the next 12 months. If, for instance, you are still in a well-paid summer job in August, you should apply for general housing allowance starting from the beginning of September. In case of large changes in income – increases of over 400 euros or decreases of over 200 euros compared to the estimated income in the previous decision – you must inform Kela yourself.

If you are going on student exchange abroad in the autumn, continue to apply for the housing supplement of the student financial aid.
General housing allowance is not granted to people living abroad.

Submit your application for housing allowance to Kela already during the summer!
Otherwise your application could get stuck in the autumn rush and payment of the allowance be late.

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