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Miran Hamidulla is HYY’s candidate for the Board of OLL in 2016


The Student Union of the University of Helsinki has nominated Miran Hamidulla as its candidate for the Board of The Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) for the year 2016.

Hamidulla, 33, has in 2015 been the HYY Board Member in charge of organisations and environmental issues. He majors in Political History and has studied for five years in the University of Helsinki.

On HYY’s Board Hamidulla has made considerable efforts to improve communication to the student union member organisations and increased their activity in HYY’s operation and events. He has also led the preparation of two policy papers for HYY’s operation during 2015.

– As an OLL Board Member I wish to offer a generation of students that’s more and more bound to sitting down while working a variety of ways to move and play sports, says Hamidulla.
Hamidulla thinks OLL should retain its role as a nation-wide sports advocate for students and an as an enabler and supporter of local sports ventures.

– OLL is an advocacy organisations and its core competence should also be felt across the entire membership.
HYY Chair of the Board 2015 Mari Lehtoruusu praises Hamidulla especially for his communications acumen.

– You’d have to hunt high and low for a better communicator than Miran. He knows how to turn dry and dull things into pithy, funny and memorable content. While on HYY’s Board Miran has attended to 250 organisations and can surely take on OLL’s field just as proficiently, trusts Lehtoruusu.

– Watching Miran work has been a joy: he’s contemplative, focused and actively provides feedback on how to develop operation. Miran also has a knack for social media and uses it instinctively as part of the whole organisation’s communication, affirms HYY’s Secretary General Jannica Aalto.

The Finnish Student Sports Federation OLL, founded 1924, is a national advocacy and service organisation working on behalf of Finnish student sports. OLL is the common representative for all Finnish students at higher education institutions. The federation will elect the new Board in its General Assembly at Hotel Siikaranta in Nuuksio, Espoo 12–13 November 2015

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