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Meritorious organisations were awarded in the organisation contests!


The Committee for Organisational Affairs organises annual contests for organisations. This year, there were contests in six different categories. These included the freshman event, sports event, website, overall badge and organisation paper contest, as well as the academic affairs deed of the year. The winner organisations in 2014 were Sitoutumaton Vasemmisto, Polho, Natura, Kannunvalajat, AIESEC, Kopeda, Mana, Keho and Kontakti.


Freshman event contest

The freshman event contest organised for the first time by the Tutor Committee ended in a draw among four top events. AISEC organised a cottage trip for new students, which also included pedagogical objectives, such as group work and leadership practise. KannuGames by Kannunvalajat was an introduction day in Suomenlinna, which was aimed at new students. The event was praised for interdisciplinarity, when the freshmen of social sciences were introduced to one another across disciplinary boundaries. The concept of Mana, Keho and Kontakti applied the orienteering theme when they toured Helsinki in the spirit of Amazing Race. In the event, it was particularly positive that the freshmen got to know Helsinki. Kopeda's freshman event had the same theme and they drove around Helsinki in the tram. Kopeda's event received special praise for invention and peculiarity.


Sports event contest

In the sports event contest, the original and easily accessible sports event Valtsikan 10 was awarded. The event was organised by the freshman committee of Kannunvalajat. Valtsikan kymppi is an easily accessible running event, where the route goes around Helsinki. The application, as well as the attached photos and the promotion video conveyed a laid-back and fun atmosphere.


Website contest

This year, three organisations, Kronos, Sitvas ja HYRMY, participated in the website contest. All of their pages were excellent. The winner was SitVas, whose website was both visually pleasing and easy to use. Other advantages were that information was easy to find, the website was updated often and the page also included a functioning event calendar. You can visit the website of SitVas at:


Overall badge contest

This year, the overall badge contest was particularly challenging, as there were plenty of participants. Sixteen organisations with 21 badges fought for the title of the most beautiful and funniest overall badge. After very even votes, Natura's ”Great Tits!” badge was awarded because of its wit and colourfulness. In addition, the badge humorously took into account the subject organisation field. Honorable mentions were also granted to the badges of Kronos, Matemaattis-esoteerinen seura and the Faculty Association for Theology Students.


Organisation paper contest

This year, the jury of the organisation paper contest was more professional than previously. The jury included Chief Editor of Ylioppilaslehti Antti Pikkanen, film critic of Helsingin Sanomat Jutta Sarhimaa and Juho Kajava as the representative of the Committee for Organisational Affairs. The criteria for the contest were a clear concept, visual image, readability and the parsing of text. Also, editorial work and the attractiveness of articles were evaluated. Of nineteen entries, the jury selected Polho's organisation paper Poleemi as the winner. The paper convinced the jury with its professional approach. Poleemi pleased the jury with its current and high-quality graphic image, as well as with its meritoriously written and popularised texts.


Academic affairs deed of the year

The purpose of the contest organised by the Committee for Academic Affairs was to highlight the advocacy work done by organisations. Six candidates were nominated for the contest. SitVas and Varjovalmennuskurssit were chosen as the winners. Varjovalmennuskurssit organised free training courses in the spring, the purpose of which was not only to provide a free alternative to commercial training courses, but to question their existence as a structure, which increases the inheritance of education and economic inequality.