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Matias Takala appointed as HYY’s specialist


HYY’s Board has selected Matias Takala as their specialist in charge of health and city affairs.

Takala moved into the position from communications office Kreab Helsinki. Takala started in his duties at HYY in the beginning of April. As a specialist, Takala is in charge of issues related to health and city, such as students´ health services, collective traffic and advocacy work in the field of city politics.

‘My start at HYY has been action-packed, during the first week I have worked on students´ wellbeing survey and HSL´s ticketing overhaul. HYY is known for its competent advocacy work and humane values, and I want to be promoting all this for my part’, Takala says.

Takala, 25, has graduated as Master of Social Sciences from the University of Helsinki.

Takala´s predecessor, senior specialist Sofia Lindqvist, started her new job as a planner for Nyyti ry in the 15th of April.