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Markus Lommi appointed as Chair of HYY Group's Board of Directors


HYY's Board appointed Bachelor of Medicine Markus Lommi as the Chair of HYY Group's Board of Directors at its meeting on 1 Feb 2013. 25-year-old Lommi studies medicine for the sixth year and has acted in various positions both in the Student Union and HYY Group. Lommi has acted as the member of the Representative Group HELP in HYY's Representative Council, HYY's Financial Committee and in HYY Group as the member of the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee and the Board of Gaudeamus, among other things.

HYY Group's Board of Directors acts as the Board for the Student Union's financial management of real estate and as the Board of Oy HYY Yhtiöt Ab. The Board of Directors prepares the target budgets for properties owned by the Student Union, financial statements and real estate issues decided by the Representative Council, supervises the implementation of real estate finances and approves investments concerning real estates within the scope of its powers. The Board of Directors also directs and supervises the investments of the Student Union.

In addition to leading the board meetings, the Chair's duties include, among other things, following the meetings of subsidiaries, chairing the committees of the Group's Board of Directors, and presenting issues in the shareholders' meeting. Lommi's term of office as the chair will begin in April 2013 and continue for a year.

Further information:
Chair of HYY Board Lauri Koskentausta, 050 5439610, lauri.koskentausta(at)