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At Least One Fourth of the New City Council Members Support HYY’s Initiatives


Twenty new city council members in Helsinki signed two or three of the initiatives of the Student Union of University of Helsinki (HYY) made before the municipal elections. The initiatives consider student housing, car-free city center campus area and crosstown public transport. Also 23 of the new deputy members of the city council support one or several HYY’s initiatives. A large part of the undersigned supports all three initiatives. Many other new city council members and deputy members also had similar themes in their campaigns.

Before the municipal elections HYY asked the candidates about their opinions on three issues which influence the everyday life of the students of the University of Helsinki and which are decided upon on the municipal level. 137 candidates in the municipal elections in Helsinki supported one, two or all of the initiatives HYY made. The undersigned represent all the parties of the present city council except the Christian Democrats and additionally the Pirate Party. The idea of the initiatives was to facilitate the voting decisions of students.

The initiative on housing demands that Helsinki reserves plots for an annual production of an average of 200 student apartments along good public transport connections and near campuses. The second initiative proposes that the central streets of the city center campus of the University of Helsinki should be transformed into bicycle and pedestrian streets. The undersigned of the third initiative want Helsinki in cooperation with the City of Espoo to establish a plan on how crosstown public transport between the university campuses and cycling traffic could be promoted. The signatories of the initiatives and the unabbreviated texts can be found on the address

Further information:
Sofia Lindqvist, specialist (housing, health, city),, ph. 050 543 9605
Hanna Hannus, board member,, ph. 050 576 5073