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Kimmo Tuominen has been awarded with HYY’s Good Teacher – Magister Bonus Prize


At its anniversary on 26 Nov, the Student Union of the University of Helsinki awarded University Lecturer Kimmo Tuominen of the Department of Physics with the Good Teacher – Magister Bonus prize. HYY awards the prize every year as part of its anniversary celebration 26 November. All university students may nominate candidates for the prize. HYY Board decides on the application criteria and the recipient of the prize.

The award of the year 2015 was granted paying special attention to how inclined the nominees are to develop teaching with new technology and adopting digital systems and information technology into their teaching.

Tuominen actively develops teaching and is open-minded towards participatory teaching methods and technology. Tuominen engages in active dialogue with his students on how to develop teaching and strives to find shared ways to get things done. Tuominen is very approachable and his ingenuity in teaching is widely appreciated in the academic community.

This year, HYY awards the Magister Bonus prize for the 19th time.

”Students want a teacher who aspires to develop teaching.  The Magister Bonus prize is not awarded based on titles or research breakthroughs, but to a teacher who promotes the students' learning and is willing to put herself on the line to improve the quality of education”, says HYY Board Member Hanna Piitulainen.

Tuominen has for instance gone to great lengths to make his course on quantum mechanics the most appealing one in the curricula with an awe-inspiring film trailer. Already the trailer does away with old learning methods in a memorable fashion. See the trailer here:

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