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Juuso Nieminen is HYY's Freshman Chancellor in the year of 2014!


Student of Science Juuso Nieminen has been elected as HYY's first Freshman Chancellor. Juuso is 21 years old and studies mathematics for the second year. He has been active in subject organisations and student nations throughout his studies. He has previously instructed new students in a tutor's role.

The Freshman Chancellor connects all new students and represents the Student Union. He is present in HYY's freshman events and can be seen in many other ways in the autumn of the new students of the University of Helsinki. The Freshman Chancellor's main goal is to ensure that every new student feels at home in the student community.

“In my opinion, it would be very important to develop ways to better take into account also others than the most enthusiastic 'future organisation activists'”, emphasises the new Freshman Chancellor Juuso. “At the University, the integration into a group takes place mainly right at the beginning of studies, and the risk of exclusion from social circles is much higher than in the upper secondary school, where the majority of freshmen directly come from.”

Starting in the summer, the Freshman Chancellor will be visible in social media, among other things. You can meet him in the Opening Carnival on the City Centre Campus on 1 Sept, in the major freshman event Freshman Adventure on 25 Sept, as well as a number of other events aimed at freshmen.


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